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Content tagged Google Calendar

One of the most-oft requested features for Daylite has been the ability to sync events to Google Calendar. While it’s still not possible to do that directly, you can use an intermediary to synchronize your calendars.

Google Calendar

Many Daylite users would like to share their Daylite calendar with non-Daylite users; however, Daylite only provides one mechanism for this: an authenticated, CalDAV feed. But by using a go-between, it’s possible to channel your Daylite calendar to Google and vice versa.

Google Calendar

Daylite 4 allows you to subscribe to external calendars like Google Calendar (although only as read-only), but it only shows the primary calendar for the account. However, there’s a way to subscribe to the secondary calendars directly in iCal/Calendar, which then allows you to subscribe to them in Daylite.