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Daylite 4’s data model gives us many of the fields (properties) you need to work with its objects (entities), but doesn’t provide all of them. This is understandable, since there are some that Marketcircle doesn’t want you to touch—to do so could result in catastrophic data loss! However, it becomes necessary from time to time to use those fields to accomplish a particular goal, so knowing what those hidden properties are is extremely helpful.

To find this information, open the Daylite Console and paste in this script:

My earlier article, An Overview of Direct Mail 3, introduced e3 Software’s application for creating, managing and delivering email messages to your clients. Although suitable for any business using Macintoshes, it’s especially useful for those that are also using Daylite to care for their clients.

Woo-hoo! Or, I should say, Wufoo! Because I’m excited that it’s now possible to integrate forms from the popular online forms generator with Daylite. Contact forms, subscriptions, surveys, applications, registrations, orders—businesses collect all kinds of information from their websites and now that data can flow right into Daylite.

Normally Daylite’s components are updated together (well, except for the iOS app), but sometimes a bug is important enough to warrant updating only a single component. If you’re having trouble creating appointments in CalDAV clients (like Calendar on OS X or iOS), you’ll want to update to version 4.2.3 of Daylite Server.

A few additional bugs have been fixed in Daylite 4.2.2, including some related to Daylite’s DAV Server. If you’re using BusyCal, you’ll need to be on version 2.0.5 for full compatibility with Daylite.

That announcement I dropped a hint about last month? Well, it’s now official: I’m the newest Daylite Partner!

If you’ve updated to OS X 10.8.4, you’ll also want to update to Daylite 4.2.1. The Daylite Mail Assistant component has been updated to work with Mail 6.5, which automatically disables older plugins.

Daylite Status Board Panels
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Last week’s release of Status Board brought a flurry of activity on all fronts as users came up with a bevy of ways to use the iPad dashboard app to consolidate and display disparate sets of data. Within days someone asked about Daylite integration and so—without further ado—I’m pleased to announce the availability of Daylite Status Board Panels!

An Overview of Direct Mail 3

Daylite 4 is designed for one-on-one email communications with your clients, but there are plenty of times you’ll want to send out mass mailings to keep your entire client base—or select portions of it—apprised of what you’re doing. For example, you may want to send out a regular newsletter or a brief product or service announcement. Although you can do this within Daylite, there are some limitations which will make using another piece of software much more desirable.

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As I was creating a report in Daylite today, I was attempting to format a date and I got some, well, interesting results as I tried different formatting strings. It quickly became clear that Daylite 4 doesn’t use the same NSCalendarDate formats that Billings uses. And as I began to map the symbols myself it appeared that there was overlap between some symbols while some formats seemed to be missing.