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Oodles of bugs have been fixed in all components of Daylite in today’s release of Daylite 5.0.3 and Daylite Touch 5.0.2.

Two new Industry Packs for Daylite have been released, one for wedding photographers and another for designers, and the Marketcircle Help Centre has been updated to put them front-and-centrecenter.

Repeating tasks are a great new feature in Daylite 5; they’re a great way to make sure you are taking action on a consistent schedule, an important consideration when trying to design systems. Every once in a while you might find it’s not necessary to complete a task—do you just delete the task?

Daylite 5.0.2 fixes a couple crashes. You’ll be notified shortly in the app or you can use Daylite > Check for Updates…

Daylite Mail Assistant 4.3.8 is available from Marketcircle’s website and is compatible with OS X 10.9.3, which was released yesterday.

One of the most-oft requested features for Daylite has been the ability to sync events to Google Calendar. While it’s still not possible to do that directly, you can use an intermediary to synchronize your calendars.

Daylite 5.0.1 is now available, less than three weeks after the release of Daylite 5, squashing a number of bugs and adding some enhancements.

Daylite 5 for iOS added back a feature that had been in Daylite 3, but was removed in Daylite 4: the ability to add a new contact or objective when adding a link to an object. But the “New object” button isn’t always available.

Daylite 5.0.1 is now in the App Store and features a few bug fixes. Nice turnaround time on this one!

If it’s happened once, it’s probably happened to someone else: a client new to Daylite recently selected all the contacts in a smart list and pressed Delete, intending to just get rid of the smart list.