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Daylite 4.2.2 is Available

A few additional bugs have been fixed in Daylite 4.2.2, including some related to Daylite’s DAV Server. If you’re using BusyCal, you’ll need to be on version 2.0.5 for full compatibility with Daylite.

Adobe Creative Cloud
How to Replace Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe, a mainstay of Macintosh software publishing, announced today they will no longer be offering traditional software licenses for future versions of 15 professional creative applications.

The Newest Daylite Partner

That announcement I dropped a hint about last month? Well, it’s now official: I’m the newest Daylite Partner!

Daylite 4.2.1 Released

If you’ve updated to OS X 10.8.4, you’ll also want to update to Daylite 4.2.1. The Daylite Mail Assistant component has been updated to work with Mail 6.5, which automatically disables older plugins.

The Site is Live, Kinda
The Site is Live, Kinda

Well, there’s nothing here yet that you can see, but I’m busy behind the scenes getting it ready for an announcement that I’ll make (hopefully) within the next 30 days.

Cloud Mate for iPhone
Cloud Mate Comes to iPhone

The iOS companion app to Cloud Mate has been released, bringing the ability to view and manage your iCloud documents to your iPhone.

Daylite 4.2 Released

Daylite 4.2 has been released; it includes a feature from Daylite 3—duplicate checking—that was left out of Daylite 4 until now and there are some other minor features and behaviors (among others) that I find helpful.

Due App
Beef Up Reminders with Due

Honorable mention this week goes to Due [Mac, $10; iOS, $5], a pair of apps for Mac and iOS that allow you to “jot down a task and set up a reminder really, really fast.” Again, not a new app—just one that I’ve put off buying for far too long.

Cloud Mate for OS X
Manage Your iCloud Documents with Cloud Mate

Cloud Mate [Mac, $7] is a file browser for all your documents in iCloud, including those created on iOS. You can move files in and out of iCloud without running the apps that created them; you can even copy and move files between apps.

Instashare on iOS
AirDrop for iOS and OS X

Instashare [iOS, Free ($1 in-app upgrade to remove ads); Mac, Free] is billed as “AirDrop for iOS & OS X” and as far as I can see there’s no reason to dispute that claim. The app uses your local WiFi network or Bluetooth to transfer files.