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Daylite Touch 4.3.2 is Available

A minor update to Daylite Touch can be found in the App Store, fixing some things you likely have never run across.

Why Can't I Accept An Invite?

Yesterday I was setting up a client with Daylite and she couldn’t accept—using DMA—the invitation I sent to her. When DMA sees an invite, it should show Decline and Accept buttons.

Daylite Touch 4.3.1 is Available

Some users were seeing a crash of Daylite Touch 4.3 once the upgrade from previous versions was done and their database was updated. Marketcircle quickly updated the app to 4.3.1, and the update is now available in the App Store.

Daylite 4.3.1 is Available

Users around the world this morning were dismayed to find Daylite crashing shortly after launch. Although coming right on the heels of a major update to Daylite, the crash was affecting all versions of Daylite. Marketcircle immediately investigated and quickly (within two hours) released an update to fix the issue.

Daylite 4.3 is Available

The latest version of Daylite is now available from the Mac and iOS app stores. Daylite 4.3 is probably the most important update since 4.0 was released; there are an incredible number of fixes and enhancements in this release, along with some new features (spoiler: Forms on Daylite Touch!) that should please many users. I’ve added some commentary below to the changes that I most like.

Members Only?

Recently I’ve had a few people ask about the “Members Only Content” tag on a few of the articles on the site and “how can I get a membership?” Since the site is fairly new there’s not much of that content yet (and the membership option hasn’t been activated), but I do plan on gr

Web forms to Daylite

Woo-hoo! Or, I should say, Wufoo! Because I’m excited that it’s now possible to integrate forms from the popular online forms generator with Daylite. Contact forms, subscriptions, surveys, applications, registrations, orders—businesses collect all kinds of information from their websites and now that data can flow right into Daylite.

End of Life for Billings

If you’ve been paying attention to Marketcircle’s lack of attention given to Billings over the last couple of years, you might not have been surprised by their announcement today that Billings has reached its end of life. Version 3.7.8 adds some minor enhancements (the full release notes don’t seem to be available), but this will be the last update.

Daylite Server 4.2.3 is Available

Normally Daylite’s components are updated together (well, except for the iOS app), but sometimes a bug is important enough to warrant updating only a single component. If you’re having trouble creating appointments in CalDAV clients (like Calendar on OS X or iOS), you’ll want to update to version 4.2.3 of Daylite Server.

Craig Federighi Introduces OS X Sea Lion
The WWDC 2013 Keynote

This week’s WWDC keynote was, for a user (at least this user), very exciting. As I watched it, these thoughts occurred to me.