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Daylite on Mavericks

Mavericks has been out for about two weeks now, long enough to get a sense of how Daylite does or doesn’t work on the new OS.

Billings Pro Touch 1.7.3 is Available

There’s only one change in Billings Pro Touch 1.7.3, now available on the App Store: it fixes an issue where the login screen may appear after a failed sync attempt when the user has no Internet connection.

Daylite Touch 4.3.4 is Available

Daylite Touch 4.3.4 is now available on the App Store; one of the bug fixes is for importing from ScanBizCards on the iPad. I did not know that this feature (which already worked on the iPhone) had made it into Daylite 4—I thought this was a Daylite 3-only feature.

iWork Upgrade Breaks Daylite Merges

Like Mavericks, Apple has announced that the iWork suite—Pages, Numbers, and Keynote—is free with every qualifying new Mac. And if you’re using an older Mac, you can still purchase or upgrade the apps for $20 each. You may want to wait on that upgrade, though, if your workflow depends upon merging iWork documents with Daylite.

Daylite 4.3.2 is Available

Besides the numerous bugs that were squashed in today’s release of Daylite 4.3.2, adventurous users will rejoice as this version is deemed compatible with OS X Mavericks.

New Presets for Daylite Databases

When Daylite 4 was released over a year ago, people noted that it was no longer possible to create a industry-specific database with pre-defined settings. Some (mostly Partners) were glad this feature was removed, since the resulting database and settings often gave users the impression that they had to work with that setup. Well, folks,those industry-specific templates are back—or at least one of them is.

Daylite Touch 4.3.3 is Available

Yesterday’s release of Daylite Touch fixed several issues; these were found on Marketcircle’s website (not a dedicated page), but not in the App Store’s change notes:

Billings Pro Touch 1.7.1 is Available

A minor update to Billings Pro Touch was released yesterday, fixing a crash that would occur for some users.

Billings Pro for iPad Released

Billings Pro for iPad is finally here! Version 1.7 of the app is universal, running on both iPhone and iPad, and has an all-new interface for iPad.

Billings Pro 1.6.5 is Available

Both Billings Pro and Billings Pro Server were updated earlier today, bringing both to version 1.6.5. Billings Pro Server now supports iOS 7 and Mavericks; you’ll want to upgrade in advance of next week’s release of iOS 7 if you’re using Billings Pro Touch on iPhone or iPad.