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Daylite 4.3.6 is Available

Daylite 4.3.6 appeared today with one new enhancement and a handful of changes under the hood.

Billings Pro Touch 1.7.6 is Available

The latest Billings Pro Touch update didn’t even merit a blog post on the Marketcircle website, but it popped up today on the App Store. It appears to be full of performance and reliability fixes.

Daylite Touch 4.3.5 is Available

Daylite Touch 4.3.5 is available on the App Store, fixing a crash on iPad and some minor bugs. It also adds support for the latest TextExpander update, which you will need to continue syncing your TextExpander snippets.

Consulting Presets for Daylite

A third industry-specific group of settings for Daylite has been released by Marketcircle to address the needs of consultants. Industry Pack for Consultants was created to help consultants manage their clients using a workflow tailored just for them.

Daylite Mail Assistant 4.3.5 is Available

If you’ve updated to OS X 10.9.1, then Mail is disabling Daylite Mail Assistant. Update to DMA 4.3.5 (available on Marketcircle’s website) to restore DMA’s functionality.

Billings Pro Touch 1.7.5 is Available

Billings Pro Touch 1.7.5 was released yesterday. The release notes in the App Store didn’t specify the fixes, but the release notes indicate a few crashers were fixed.

Daylite 4.3.4 is Available

A new version of Daylite has been released, along with Daylite Server, bringing the entire suite to version 4.3.4. The theme for this update seems to have been “fix sync,” as there are a number of improvements listed in this area.

Billings Pro Touch 1.7.4 is Available

Billings Pro Touch was updated today with the ability to reorder slips while you’re creating an invoice, along with some other enhancements and a number of bug fixes that aren’t spelled out in the update description.

Real Estate Pack for Daylite

The second in a series of Daylite “Industry Packs” has been released today, this time for real estate professionals. As I related earlier, Industry Packs (previously known as Presets) are sets of preferences that add to or replace your existing preferences.

Daylite Mail Assistant 4.3.4 is Available

Updates to Mail will break DMA compatibility, as Apple disables plugins that don’t identify themselves as being compatible with a specific version of Mail. Mail Update for Mavericks proves the rule.