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DM Insights is a Daylite Certified Expert, providing support for the award-winning customer care and business productivity app from Marketcircle. Please contact us for implementation of, and training and support for, Daylite in your business.

Google Calendar
Sharing Your Calendar with Non-Daylite Users

Many Daylite users would like to share their Daylite calendar with non-Daylite users; however, Daylite only provides one mechanism for this: an authenticated, CalDAV feed. But by using a go-between, it’s possible to channel your Daylite calendar to Google and vice versa.

A Daylite Mail Notification
Daylite Mail Notifications
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For a number of years years I’ve used a script to notify me when certain people email me; if the sender of the message is in a specific Address Book group, the script triggers a push notification to my iPhone. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for Daylite contacts because there are no groups in the Daylite account. So I decided to ask Daylite if the sender is a contact in its database.

Siri, Your Daylite Assistant
Adding Tasks to Daylite Using Siri

An exciting new feature has just been pushed out in Daylite 4.1:

Added support for Tasks through the “Reminders” app in iOS and on Mountain Lion.

What makes this exciting (at least for me) is that it’s now possible to use Siri to add Tasks to Daylite.

Google Calendar
Secondary Google Calendars in Daylite

Daylite 4 allows you to subscribe to external calendars like Google Calendar (although only as read-only), but it only shows the primary calendar for the account. However, there’s a way to subscribe to the secondary calendars directly in iCal/Calendar, which then allows you to subscribe to them in Daylite.

Daylite and Keyboard Maestro
Daylite and Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro allows you trigger a sequence of actions with just a keystroke. Use these macros to make yourself more productive with Daylite.

The Daylite Server Installer
Uninstalling Daylite 4

If you find it necessary to uninstall Daylite 4, either a single component or the whole shebang, you may find these instructions useful.

Add an account in iCal
Setting up CalDAV and CardDAV with Daylite

Setting up CalDAV and CardDAV accounts has proven to be difficult for many people and these instructions are meant to ease you through the process.