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It's Time to Upgrade—On All Fronts

Although Daylite 4.4 brings compatibility with Yosemite, there doesn’t seem to me to be a compelling reason to remain on the version 4 branch and to upgrade to Yosemite. Here’s what I’m thinking:

A major component of Yosemite is Continuity, a set of features that allow OS X and iOS to work together like never before. For example, you can

  • Make and receive phone calls right on your Mac
  • Send and receive SMS messages on your Mac
  • Start writing a report in Pages or an email in Mail on your Mac and pick up right where you left off on your iPad or iPhone
  • Connect to your iPhone’s personal Hotspot on your Mac without even touching your iPhone
  • Use AirDrop between your Mac and iOS devices

However, Continuity only works with iOS 8. And Daylite has some issues with iOS 8. Because of this, Marketcircle has indicated development on Daylite 4 for iOS is no longer happening.

There are other reasons to upgrade to Yosemite, but Continuity is probably a big one. And upgrading to iOS 8 (if you haven’t already done so) is even more compelling. You may want to avoid the cost to upgrade to Daylite 5, but with an upgrade cost of zero for the operating systems, why not go for it? Sound off at @_dminsights if you think I’m wrong.