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Daylite 5.0.5 is Available

Did you get it yet? I like that all Daylite components let you know about updates (as long as your administrator allows it), so you get them sooner than in previous versions. Daylite, Daylite Server, Daylite Mail Assistant, and Daylite Touch have all been updated.

Daylite 5.0.5 fixes a bunch of bugs and now allows you to add higher level objects (People, Companies, Projects, Opportunities) to multi-column Form views. Daylite Mail Assistant 5.0.5 fixes a tabbing issue in the contact search popover. Daylite Server 5.0.5 adds images for devices in the Database pane. And Daylite Touch 5.0.3, available on the App Store, fixes a lot of problems with notifications.