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The Newest Daylite Partner

That announcement I dropped a hint about last month? Well, it’s now official: I’m the newest Daylite Partner!

Daylite is the award-winning customer care and business productivity app from Marketcircle for OS X and iOS. I’ve been using it in my business for several years and when it was updated to version 4 in May 2012 I became very involved on Marketcircle’s forums, giving user-to-user support as I taught myself how to use it better. Early this year, after working with a few clients from the forums who were implementing Daylite, I decided to take the certification course for Daylite Partner. A few days ago I passed the certification exam for Daylite 3 (Daylite 4 will follow).

As a Partner, I’m able to implement and support Daylite; I’ve got a bit of experience in handling networking problems that users have encountered. I’m available for training and I can also improve workflows with custom reports and scripts. Contact me to discuss your needs related to Daylite or to find out how Daylite can improve your customer relationships and productivity.

Update 5/22/2013: I’ve completed the Daylite 4 Certification with 100% on the exam.